In this collection, We Are Nerdunit releases a series of t-shirts that are seen in a reversible silhouette, with a circular LOGO printed on the one side & a small "WE ARE NERDUNIT" logo on the reversible side. Comes in Black & White colorway.

Another 2 of the T-Shirts being a collaborated effort with a Japanese Streetwear Multilabel brand, MFC Store featuring a bold quote of "Smoke a Cigarette and Chill" printed on the front left while the back receives an extra-large hit of the same logo for a bold, prominent statement.

This collection also includes a timeless piece made to complete your home and living space. Going with the concept of "SMOKE A CIGARETTE AND CHILL", this Skateboard Chair is a reminder to all that sometimes all we need is just to learn to take a break from our hectic daily lives.

Now available in-stores & www.wearenerdunit.com, price ranging from USD 60 - USD 110. 

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