The “Mindf*cked Generation” collection intends to mock the modern lifestyle of the Millennial's who are obsessed with technology, addicted to social media, takes pride in the amount of followers or likes, worships fast food culture, socially inept, mindlessly consuming and blindly following trends. This collection aims to be a conversation starter, highlighting the many tech-induced first world problems like social morbidity, cyber-bullying, instant gratification and the percussion of it.  

Nerdunit has spent 6 months, researching and developing a concept that resembles our generation who spends 60-70% of our time online. This collection depicts an oxymoronic situation where we are more connected than any other generation before us, yet at the same time we are increasingly depressed and socially isolated. As opposed to Nerdunit’s signature monotone colorway, bright neon colours, accompanied by loud graphics are seen in throughout the collection, portraying what image-building, fame-hungry Millennial's showcase on social media.

This collection includes bomber jackets, leather jackets, hoodies, reflective tracksuits, windbreaker, vest, t-shirts, long sleeve tees and accessories . The Mindf*cked Bomber Jacket is the star product of the collection, featuring an array of tech and social elements in colour as well as black & white edition.

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