Nerdunit X Bratpack x Sneakercon S.E.A

Nerdunit X Bratpack x Sneakercon S.E.A
Sneakercon S.E.A, the world-renowned sneaker convention, came to Southeast Asia for the first time, and it's partnering with Nerdunit x Bratpack SG as the official merchandise partner. This exciting collaboration celebrates the intersection of streetwear fashion and sneaker culture.
Nerdunit x Bratpack SG collaboration for Sneakercon S.E.A was an exciting development in the world of streetwear fashion and sneaker culture and it was a milestone occasion for Southeast Asia's streetwear and sneaker community.
During the Sneakercon S.E.A event, attendees enjoyed a range of activities and experiences for sneaker enthusiasts, such as finding rare and exclusive sneakers, participating in sneaker trading, attending panel discussions, and enjoying live performances by local and international artists. Nerdunit x Bratpack SG provided unique and stylish merchandise, including limited-edition products that sold out quickly.

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