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Streetwear is a unique blend of fashion and pop culture, and two brands that have successfully navigated this intersection are Nerdunit and Smiley. Nerdunit is a streetwear brand founded in 2011 by fashion designer Ronald Chew, while Smiley is a global lifestyle brand that was created in 1972 by French journalist Franklin Loufrani. Despite being from different eras, both brands have a distinct and recognizable aesthetic that has helped them stand out in the competitive world of streetwear.
Smiley, is known for its iconic yellow smiley face logo, which has become a global symbol of happiness and positivity. The brand has collaborated with a wide range of companies and individuals, including Levi's, Moschino, and Pharrell Williams. Smiley has expanded its reach beyond clothing and accessories and is now involved in a variety of industries, including music, publishing, and technology.
The collection featured a range of clothing and accessories that combined Nerdunit's bold graphics with Smiley's iconic smiley face logo. The collection was a huge success, with fans of both brands eager to get their hands on the limited-edition pieces.

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