WEARENERDUNIT x MFC Capsule Collection

WEARENERDUNIT x MFC Capsule Collection
WE ARE NERDUNIT have collaborated with the infamous multi-label brand MFC from Tokyo, Japan.  In 2018, it opened in Tokyo as a shop that develops and proposes what you like and want to wear.
MFC a brand very much on the must visit list for those who want to experience the streetwear culture in Tokyo first hand.
A select shop that offers a wide range of products, including regular handling of domestic and foreign brands, unreleased items purchased overseas, and original souvenir apparel.
The capsule collection with We Are Nerdunit consists of 2 T-Shirts and a skateboard chair which has NERDUNIT's logo branding and "Smoke A Cigarette & Chill" quote that can be seen throughout the capsule collection.
All items are now available at www.wearenerdunit.com